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Palliative Surgery

Palliative Surgery
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The Oncology and Palliative Therapy
It is the totality of classic applications, related to cancer treatment, applied to patients who research treatment of the symptoms. In this sector are primarily interventions: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and immunology.

These actions are interconnected and iterate the disease, often interwoven and are repeated several times.

Palliative surgery :
Surgery plays an important role in the treatment of cancer and primary, it plays different functions: preventive, curative and palliative.

In his main role, aims to eliminate those changes that constitute a potential for malignant transformation. The curative surgery has a dual objective: remove and store. In this context, the surgeon is responsible for knowing how to define the boundary between the right to delete and what to keep and why conserving surgery and the healing is understood as synonymous. Palliative surgery is aimed at eliminating any situation that constitutes a threat to life, in emergencies, or to safeguard the quality of life in the terminal phase.
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