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Palliative Nursing

Palliative Nursing
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Palliative nursing: what is it ?
In 24 of 2003 Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers of EU Member States shows that the word palliative care is derived from a Latin word “pallium,” which means “mask”, “cloak”. This shows what palliative nursing and care is all about; masking any effects of this incurable disease, and providing a feeling of secureness for those left in the cold when curative medicine can not provide healing.
Since its beginnings, communities have tried to provide an appropriate level of care and support their ill and dying.

However, by mid century, medicine has offered little in the field of pain management and effective control of symptoms. Therapies in the ’50s, combined with a greater understanding of psychosocial and spiritual needs of dying patients, laying the foundation for palliative care services. Principles of palliative care have become more known and applied in the second half of the twentieth century. (more…)