Palliative Hospice

palliative hospice
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Hospice care is a kind of home care ?
Palliative hospice addresses patients with a life threatening disease and limited life prognosis and specializes in pain control and specific symptoms of incurable diseases. In addition, hospice care considers the whole family needs, not just the patient. A patient who requires hospice care can be treated at home and / or a unit beds.

Hospice care is only for cancer patients?
No, hospice care addresses any patient with an incurable disease with limited life prognosis.

Who can receive this care?
Any patient who has a limited life prognosis if the disease follows its normal course and the diagnosis is confirmed by your doctor. The patient, his family and physician agree to a symptomatic and aimed at improving the quality of life. You do not have a patient to caregivers who care for him, but it is one of the factors taken into account when taking over a patient.

You should expect your family doctor or health professional to propose hospice care ?
It would be good to have an open discussion with your doctor. If you think you or a loved one needs hospice care, do not wait until your doctor bring the subject under discussion. Put the problem as soon as possible.
palliative hospice
How are Palliative Hospice Services provided?
Together with your doctor to decide treatment and care plan that meets the specific needs of each patient. The palliative hospice team works closely with the patient and his tutors, informs them about the disease, their answer questions and offer them support. Nurses, nurses, therapists and volunteers make home visits regularly. Frequency of visits is determined by the palliative treatment and care plan that is updated as needed. Emotional and spiritual support is offered according to needs. Provide medical supplies, medical equipment and administrative support as required.

Will I have to change my doctor?
No. The Hospice will communicate regularly with your doctor depending on the patients treatment plan treatment plan.

How is a patient taken into care?
Making contact with the doctor patient may come from the patient himself, his family or a friend. A nurse will make first visit to the patient’s home.

Will medication stop me from talking or being aware of what is happening around me?
The purpose of palliative hospice is to enhance the quality of life. This means maintaining patient comfort and alertness and desires.

What are the qualifications of Palliative Hospice team?
The multidisciplinary team consists of doctors, nurses, orderlies, a kinetic therapist, a social worker, a psychologist or trained volunteers specialize in palliative care.

Will drugs against pain be addictive?
Medications for pain dose required for the degree of pain, regardless of dose, not addictive.

What happens if a patient shows signs of recovery?
If a patient is improved considerably, its interrupt service hospice team. If the patient’s condition worsens after discontinuation of hospice care, the team will return.

What happens if I do not want benefit any more from the services?
The patient may choose to interrupt hospice services whenever it wants.